Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

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Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

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Sold Van Stories

True stories from real vandervan customers

Top service from start to finish. Got a quick valuation my van was sold the next day
Paul Mcguire Google
Enquired, booked a collection and got paid exactly as agreed on the spot. Great service!
James Blakeley Google
Sold my US import camper van to vandervan for more than I was offered on eBay.
Josh Day Google

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How to sell

Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

Sell your van the fair way, in three easy steps


Agree A Fair Value
Begin by typing in your van's registration plate number into our valuation tool, and you'll receive a quote in just a few minutes.


24hr Collection
After you decide to sell your van, we'll arrange a collection time and location that fits your schedule. This can be as soon as next day.


Instant Payment
Our recovery team will arrive, transfer your cash, and take away your van. It’s really that simple, so you can just sit back and relax.

Why vandervan?

Discover the Legacy of Peugeot Vans in the UK

Are you familiar with the rich history and robust reputation of the Peugeot van? This iconic brand has been a beacon of innovation and reliability in the automotive industry, especially in the realm of light commercial vehicles. Let's delve into the journey of Peugeot vans and their significant presence across the UK market.

A Storied Past: Peugeot's Leap into Commercial Vehicles

The story of Peugeot vans began in the early 20th century, but it was in the 1950s when Peugeot truly cemented its expertise in the world of commercial vehicles. The introduction of models like the Peugeot D3 and D4 vans marked the brand's commitment to catering to the needs of businesses and tradespeople. Over the years, the French automaker has continually innovated, combining robust performance with practical designs, making Peugeot vans a favored choice for many professionals.

Peugeot Vans in the Contemporary UK Market

Today, the range of Peugeot vans available in the UK features models designed to suit a variety of business needs, from compact couriers to larger cargo haulers. Each model is crafted with precision, ensuring durability, efficiency, and comfort. Notable among these are the Peugeot Partner, a versatile and compact van perfect for city deliveries; the Peugeot Expert, known for its mid-size panel offering ample cargo space without compromising on maneuverability; and the Peugeot Boxer, ideal for larger loads and long-distance hauls with its spacious dimensions and powerful engine options.

Exploring Models and Features

Each model of the Peugeot van lineup is built to adapt to the rigorous demands of commercial use. They offer advanced technology, including fuel-efficient engines and connected services for a smoother operational flow. Moreover, these vans are designed with safety in mind, equipped with driver assistance features and robust construction to protect both passengers and cargo.

Have you considered how a Peugeot van could enhance your business operations? Whether it’s the agility of the Partner or the strength of the Boxer, there’s a model to meet every demand. Explore more about each van and find the perfect match for your business needs.

Why Choose a Peugeot Van?

Choosing a Peugeot van means investing in a legacy of quality and innovation. The brand's dedication to excellence ensures that each vehicle is a dependable partner in your business's growth. Furthermore, their popularity in the UK ensures easy access to spare parts and service, making them a practical choice for many businesses.

If you're ready to upgrade your commercial vehicle, consider the efficiency and reliability of a Peugeot van. Have questions or need expert advice? Contact us at Vandervan, where our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge make us your ideal partner in finding the perfect van solution tailored to your business needs.

At Vandervan, we are more than just a van buying service; we are your trusted partner in achieving business success. With our instant payment system and next-day collection service, the transition to a new Peugeot can be as smooth and swift as the vehicles themselves. Learn more about how we can help you make the best choice for your professional needs.

Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

(any make or model)

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Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

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Frequently asked questions

Why sell my van to vandervan?

Definitely. In-fact, we recommend it. Come visit our Hub location to explore our vans in stock, inspect and test drive any vehicle we have for sale.

Is it free to sell my van to vandervan?

It is free to sell your van to vandervan. We do not charge any fees for our buying service.

How can I sell my van fast?

You can sell your van to vandervan as quickly as the same day. We operate from 8am to 8pm, serving customers nationwide.

Can I sell my van cash?

We can pay for any vehicle using an instant bank transfer. We are however flexible, and accommodating should someone need to sell their van cash.

Can I sell my van with no MOT?

We buy any van, including those with expired or failed MOT tests. No matter the condition of your van, we are prepared to make you an offer, helping you move on without the hassle of repairs or retests.

Can I sell my van with mechanical issues?

We buy any van, including those with mechanical issues. Whether your van has engine problems, transmission troubles, or any other type of mechanical issues, we're ready to make you an offer.

Where can I sell my van from?

We buy any van and collect it from you. We accept collection locations including your home, work or a garage of your choice.

Can I sell my van with bodywork issues?

We buy any van including those with bodywork issues. Whether your van has dents, scratches, or more significant damage, we’re interested in making you an offer.

Can I sell my van on finance?

Yes, you can indeed sell your financed van with vandervan even if it's under a Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement.

If you decide to sell your financed van, the initial step is to obtain a 'settlement figure' from your lender, which you can usually find in a settlement letter. Following that, get a valuation for your van.

Our team will walk you through the settlement process.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

We do not charge any fees. There are no admin charges or anything like that. Just your van, your money, instantly.

Is it better to trade in my van or sell my van online?

By selling your van through our service, you join a robust network of over 4,000 verified dealers.

This can often result in a more favourable price compared to part exchange, where you might find yourself confined to a single dealer’s assessment, which might not accurately represent the real market value of your van.

Part exchanges often result in less favourable outcomes for sellers, particularly if the dealer is not intending to retail your van and plans to pass it along instead.

However, with our van buying service, you stand a better chance of obtaining a great price.

The process with us is quick and straightforward. Simply start with a free valuation and contrast this with your part exchange offer. You might be delighted to find how much more you could get from using our service than you’d get from a part exchange!

How does service history impact selling my van?

As a van buying service, we encourage you to maintain detailed records of all your service history.

This helps us offer you a fair and accurate price when you decide to sell your van.

Providing documentation of consistent maintenance and early resolution of any issues allows us to confidently assess the van's condition, ensuring you get the best possible offer.

What is the best site to sell my used van?

There are numerous van buying sites available, but our service stands out by being remarkably fast, easy, and rewarding.

Our free, instant valuation leverages real-time van market data to ensure maximum accuracy. We also include complimentary home collection and fast payment without charging any fees or commissions.

We are proud to have received a 5-star and ‘Excellent’ ratings from thousands of satisfied customers. Get started by valuing your van with us today!

What paperwork do I need to sell my van?

All we need is a copy of your driving license, finance settlement letter (if the van has outstanding finance), any service records and the V5 logbook.

If you don't have the V5 logbook, see "Can I sell my van with no V5 Logbook" below.

Can I sell any van to vandervan?

We buy any van, literally. Every van has a value, new or old, running or not.

We buy any van make or model, and any body type. Get a valuation today and see if we can help you sell your van.

Can I sell my van with no V5 Logbook?

Fortunately, we buy any van even if they do not have a logbook, although it is advantageous if you have a full V5 Logbook, or at least the green New Keeper Slip.

It makes it tougher to sell to our network of 4000+ verified dealers, as we have to wait for the DVLA to process a V62 application (usually 6 weeks), so our valuations reflect the delay in sale and storage costs while rectifying missing V5 logbooks.


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Sell my Peugeot van | We buy any Peugeot van

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Sell your the fair way, in three easy steps

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